Saturday, October 2, 2010

Finger Vein Biometric System in Dubai

Cardz me introducing Finger Vein authentication biometric system, that captures images of the vein patterns inside your finger. These, like other biometric patterns, are unique. In addition, because they are inside your body, finger vein patterns are virtually impossible to replicate.

Why Finger Vein?

Highly Reliable

-Pattern is inside the body, so “difficult to steal and damage”
-High accuracy “deters fraud”

Easy to Use

“Clean’ Contactless capturing of patterns with near infrared light Easy to use for everyone just by placing a finger on the device
-Device shape designed for handicapped persons to easily find the correct position of the finger

The Finger vein reader works by passing near-infrared light through the finger. This is partially absorbed by the hemoglobin in the veins, allowing an image to be recorded on a CCD camera. Finger Vein authentication is extremely robust, demonstrating a unique ability to easily cope with sweaty, dry, or aged fingers.

Cuts, dry skin, scars, and other factors can sometimes prevent fingerprint readers from reliably enrolling or identifying a person. Finger vein reader solves this issue.

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